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Kas and its unspoilt surroundings

Whether you are searching for adventure, rich culture, history or simply something different, then look no further than the idyllic sun drenched harbour town of Kas, built on the foundations of the Ancient Greek City of Antiphellos, and on the beautiful Turquoise Coast of Turkey. Surrounded on three sides by the Taurus Mountains, Kas enchants its visitors with its natural beauty, breathtaking views and historical charm whilst retaining many of its traditions.


The town of Kas is just a 10 minute drive from the villas. Kas and its surrounding areas have plenty to offer its visitors. There are excellent restaurants, terrace bars and tea gardens, pretty cobbled streets and alleyways abundant with exclusive shops, craft centres and a weekly Friday Market selling fresh produce direct from the local mountain villages.

The new Kaş Marina is one of the Mediterranean region’s most modern marinas to date with shops, restaurants and spa.

Kas has several pebble beaches plus the lovely Limanagzi Beach which can be reached by water taxi and on the outskirts of the town Akçageme Beach with shallow water, playground and restaurant. The fabulous sandy beach of Kaputas with its dramatic gorge can be found just 20 minutes away in the car and a bit further is the famous Patara Beach – Turkey’s longest sandy beach stretching 18km where you can eat and drink in the beach bar and restaurant.


In the town you can enjoy a traditional Turkish massage, hamman or even experience a visit to the barbers where a haircut, shave and neck massage are all part of the deal.

The town itself has many historical remains to explore including the Kas Amphitheatre which dates back to the first century- a perfect place to watch the sun go down. There is an impressive collection of cliff tombs, which light up at night and sarcophagi that can be found scattered all around the town – the most impressive being The Lion Tomb.

Kas offers a wide variety of sporting activities and trips such as fishing, sea kayaking, diving (some of the best diving sites in the Mediterranean are located of the coast of Kas), trekking, cruising and paragliding along with coach tours and a not to be missed jeep safari.

Taking a Blue cruise is by far the best way to explore the unspoilt coves of the coastline whilst viewing the ancient and mysterious sites on the shore.

There are also many cultural and fascinating trips to enjoy including the sunken city of Kekova – a protected national park, the fresh cold water mountain pastures of Gombe with its lakes, waterfalls and apple orchards, the caves of Kalkan and the natural wonder of Saklikent reached by crossing a 100m wooden bridge over a canyon. Water cascades over the boulders create spectacular views for hikers and sightseers alike.

Definitely not to be missed are the trips to the ancient cities of Patara where St Nicolas was born and from where St Paul sailed to Rome for the last time and also Xanthos, Tlos and Myra, with its famous St. Nicholas church and also Arycanda taking in the largest bath complex and a myriad of ancient tombs and ruins. A jeep safari takes you to the more remote parts where you will see a lifestyle in the villages that has not changed for centuries.

You can also take a 20 minute ferry trip from Kas to the Greek Island of Meis (Kastellorizo) and lunch at one of the lovely tavernas, explore the winding lanes or sunbathe on the beach. There’s a duty free shop as well. Meis is the furthest East of all the Greek Islands

If you are a dedicated trekker, the seashore, mountain paths and villages of the Lycian trail hold the secrets of 3000 years of ancient Lycian civilisation. As you walk the trail you will see original cave dwellings, fascinating rock cut tombs, city remains and startling panoramic views.

The Kas-Lycia Festival is an annual event promoting traditional celebrations. International folk dance groups, opera, ballet and arts exhibitions all contribute to the three-day event in June

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“We would like to say a huge thank you as we had a fantastic holiday. All of us tried things we have not done before and got a huge sense of achievement from this i.e. paragliding, canyoning, etc.The villa is in a fantastic spot and was very tranquil”.

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